Roofing Adelaide – Roof Repairs

Regular roof repairs not only keep the elements at bay, they can also save you a lot of money down the track.

Terracotta & Concrete Roofing are specialists in all types of roof repairs and maintenance; this includes tile and metal roofing. We have 35 years’ experience maintaining, restoring, replacing and repairing roofs throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

Our roof repair services include:

  • replacement of cracked, displaced or broken roof tiles
  • replacement of cracked or broken cement pointing & ridge capping
  • sourcing secondhand tiles to match your roof
  • gutter & downpipe replacement
  • valley and flashing replacement
  • removal of old tiles
  • provision of extra ‘spare’ tiles

If these sound like familiar issues, please call Terracotta & Concrete Roofing today on 0412 031 453 or email us via this website to organise a roof inspection.

Roofing Adelaide - Roof Repairs

Roofing Adelaide – Roof Repairs

Our tile and metal roofing repair contractors service metropolitan Adelaide, Northern, Southern & Eastern Suburbs. We can also source secondhand tiles to match those being replaced on your roof.

An inspection now may prevent a much bigger problem later on. A leak or roof damage can easily go undetected if the water damage isn’t visible inside the home.

We offer obligation free consultations and quotes on all new projects.