Curvado Terracotta Tiles

Curvado Terracotta Tiles

Curvado Roof Tiles

Manufactured from the highest quality clays, this range features tiles with distinctive colours and finishes unique to La Escandella Ceramica. The Curvado incorporates a modern interlocking design, while still replicating the traditional pan and cover tile that has been so dominant on European and Mediterranean buildings over the centuries. The large profile of the Curvado tile ensures a look of absolute permanence and grandeur.

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Project Portfolio

Discover the Curvado terracotta roof tile range. This presentation outlines the benefits for your home with some stunning visuals of finished projects.

Curvado Terracotta Roof Tile Project Portfolio

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Curvado Roja

Curvado Mediterreana

Curvado Lucentum

Curvado Terracotta Roof Tiles