Roofing Adelaide – Roof Restorations

Terracotta & Concrete Roofing has restored, repaired and re-roofed hundreds of homes all across Adelaide and South Australia during the past 35 years. We are the Adelaide Roofing specialists for roof restoration. Our fully licensed, experienced contractors aim to please all customers with high quality workmanship and friendly, professional service.

Your roof will look like new after restoration! The roof will be pressure cleaned with 3,500psi water pressure to remove dirt and moss. All cracked and broken tiles will be replaced, ridge caps re-bedded and repointed with a flexible pointing compound. 

Roof Restoration Process

  • Roof is cleaned with a high-pressure water to remove dirt & moss
  • Damaged, or old bedding is removed
  • Flexible pointing compound is then applied to the roof ridge caps
  • Cracked or broken tiles are replaced with new ones
  • All debris is removed from the roof and gutters
  • 3-coat sealing (primer & 2 topcoats of roof membrane)

Roof restorations typically take 2–4 days. This can vary due to several factors like the weather, public holidays and the amount of work involved.

Roofing Adelaide - Roof Restorations

Roofing Adelaide – Roof Restorations

For concrete roof tiles we use a 3-coat sealing system, which includes a primer and two topcoats. You will also be provided with some coated tiles as spares for future use.

Modern roof coating membranes are now very durable with minimal fading, coatings can be expected to last many years.